About the Author

Once upon a time, there was a little ginger girl named Hillary. She spent her childhood in Los Angeles, CA daydreaming about singing on the radio and driving race cars. She enjoyed building with anything she could find, blocks, Legos, Tinkertoys, and especially Lincoln Logs. And Hillary loved books!

Now as a mother of boys who love to read and build as much as she, Hillary combined her love of building and books to create a series called Build-Up® books. The first book in the series, Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up® Book, combines Hillary’s love of gardening with books and building.

Hillary lives with her two boys and husband in L.A. where you’ll find her pruning and weeding her garden, playing tennis and board games, reading with her family, and staying involved in the community. And oh, writing more books!

About the Illustrator

Hailey grew up loving cartoons, fantasy books, and frosted cupcakes. As an adult she still loves all of those things, but now she makes them herself. When not illustrating she can be found at the local art museum or walking through the woods pointing at mushrooms, and saying, “wow look at that mushroom!” More of her work can be seen at: www.haileymclaughlin.com.