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Build-Up® Books

Published by Speckled Seal Press

Interactive build-up books for young children

Build-Up® books are interactive books made of die-cut pages that layer with each turn of the page to build a story. Whether adding plants and animals to make a garden or adding shelves and toys to make a store, children are captivated by these highly tactile and innovative books.

In Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up® Book, children turn die-cut pages revealing layers of plants and animals to transform Mimi and Milo’s barren yard into a garden full of life!

Pop-up books for kids (with a twist)

Build-Up® books are similar to pop-up books in that they are both three-dimensional. Here’s how they differ:

With a pop-up book, a three-dimensional object pops up when the page is turned. With Build-Up® books, instead of an object popping, a 3-dimensional scene builds over multiple pages. Children turn die cut pages that layer on one another to build the 3-D scene page by page, transforming a barren yard into a garden full of life, or an empty room into a bustling store.