Teaching kids the importance of gardens

Teaching kids the importance of gardens is a main reason I wrote the children’s book Let’s Make a Garden. Gardens improve air and soil quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels in the air and providing nutrients to the soil. Gardens provide a home and food for animals, and they provide food for people, too. And they are beautiful to look at. Growing food locally reduces food transportation costs and associated pollution. Finally, being at one with nature helps relieve stress. I am hoping children who read Let’s Make a Garden will discover a new appreciation for gardens and even a desire to grow and maintain one themselves.


As a child, I was fortunate to live in a house with a backyard. I grew strawberries, peaches, apricots, and carrots in that yard. I clearly remember the feeling of excitement and satisfaction of watching them grow and getting to pick and eat them. 
My family home was next to a community garden where my friend’s mother grew vegetables for her family and neighbors. I still remember the giant and colorful squash she brought home from the garden. Community gardens are so important for urban communities where many residents live in apartments without yards. In addition to the benefits of gardens mentioned above, sharing a community garden allows people to grow their own food, while bringing neighbors together to build a stronger community.


A fun way of teaching kids the importance of gardens is by sharing my children’s book Let’s Make a Garden by Hillary Vari. It is a new kind of pop-up board book made in the revolutionary style of a Build-Up book.  Check out the video below!

About the author

Hillary Vari is the author of Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up Book. Her goal is to educate children about the importance of gardens for our global environment and to make reading more fun using the Build-Up book style (i.e., die-cut pages that layer to build a story).
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