Let’s Release Ladybugs in the Garden!

Let’s release ladybugs in the garden! Why? It’s fun! And ladybugs are good for gardens.  
Ladybugs eat plant-eating insects and other bugs that hurt plants. Once released in your garden, they will go to work ridding the garden of bad bugs. That’s why having lots of ladybugs in your garden is good. Plus they are cute and colorful! 

You may purchase a container of ladybugs from your local nursery or Amazon.

It’s best to release them in the spring or early summer to give them lots of time to become established in your garden. However, late summer is okay, too, especially in warmer climates.

How to get ladybugs to stay in your garden – The most important thing is to release them in a way that encourages them to stay in the garden rather than fly away. Here how:

  • Release them when it’s cool outside – The best time to release ladybugs is in the evening when it’s cooler out. This will help them to settle down for the night and get comfortable in your garden. The more comfortable they are, the less likely they will be to fly away.
  • Cool them down in the refrigerator – It’s a good idea to put them in the refrigerator for a short time before releasing them, as making them a little cold will get them sleepy and less likely to fly away.
  • Water the garden – Run a sprinkler or spray water around for about 20 minutes before you release the ladybugs. They will be thirsty and more likely to stay if they find water in the garden.
  • Release them among flowers – It’s best to place them in a planted area, and ideally one where there are lots of blooming flowers. This is because they are more likely to find food there than in dirt or grass.
  • Spread them around – Ladybugs are territorial, so if you release them all in one place, they will fly away to find their own space . . . possibly in your neighbor’s garden. Release a few here and there in different areas of your garden.

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