Die-cut, layered pages build the scene page by page.

The latest episode of Mr. Josh’s Kool School was just released featuring Mr. Josh’s read aloud of Let’s Make a Garden! The goal of Mr. Josh’s Kool School and its creator and star, Joshua Olatunde, of promoting literacy and a love for books is in line with Hillary Vari’s goal of making reading more fun using the build-up books style of book.

Watch the episode by clicking on the video below.


Mr. Josh’s sweet style in reading Let’s Make a Garden is perfect for small children. He shows the book so beautifully, including how the pages layer to build the garden. And it is so fun to watch Mr. Josh in the introduction skit planting a seed with dirt and water and growing a lush plant!

Thank you, Mr. Josh, for bringing Let’s Make a Garden to life in your show. Every child should get to experience your super entertaining read alouds!

Hillary Vari is the author of Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up Book. Her goal is to educate children about the importance of gardens for our global environment and to make reading more fun using the Build-Up book style (i.e., die-cut pages that layer to build the story).

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