Die-cut, layered pages build the scene page by page.

A new kind of Pop Up book

A Build-Up book is a new kind of pop up book for kids. Build-Up books have die-cut pages that layer with each turn of the page to build a story. With a traditional pop-up book, a three-dimensional object pops up when you turn the page. Build-Up books are similar in that they are three-dimensional, too.

Here’s how they differ: Build-Up books reveal a 3-D scene little by little over multiple pages. Children turn die cut pages that layer upon one another to build the 3-D scene page by page. They transform a barren yard into a lush garden or an empty room into a bustling store.

The best Build-Up book is Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up Book. Children turn die-cut pages revealing layers of plants and animals to transform Mimi and Milo’s barren yard into a garden full of life!

Get this new kind of pop up book for kids in your life!

About the author

Hillary Vari is the author of Let’s Make a Garden: a Build-Up Book. Her goal is to educate children about the importance of gardens for our global environment and to make reading more fun using the Build-Up book style (i.e., die-cut pages that layer to build a story).

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